Artificial Groundwater Recharge

Artificial groundwater recharge is the hydrotechnical increase of the abstractable groundwater resource. In those areas where the natural groundwater resource is not sufficient for the yield of the water supply, compensation by artificial groundwater recharge can be considered. Many waterworks in Europe practice it to assure the water supply because the artificial recharge is controllable and independent from weather conditions.

KRIETER WATER & ENVIROMENT offers concept developments of site specific and environmental friendly artificial groundwater recharge systems like:
1. infiltration trench (hydraulic connected or hydraulic disconnected)
2. infiltration basin (hydraulic connected or hydraulic disconnected)
– direct infiltration
– filtered infiltration for eutrophic water
3. infiltration well
– infiltration well (vertical)
– infiltration collector well (horizontal).

For these artificial groundwater recharge sites KRIETER WATER & ENVIRONMENT investigates and plans:
1. the enrichment water strategies as using river water, overland flow, etc. (partly using the unproductive surface run off, avoiding soil erosion, improving soil water budget in plantations – important tool for theĀ  integrated water resource management)
2. the use of lower quality enrichment waters (eutrophic, etc.) by additional filtering/treatment layers at the infiltration basin bed etc
3. under favorable hydrogeological conditions the additional underground storage of drinking water
4. the regeneration of aquifers by artificial groundwater recharge in areas with disturbed groundwater budget (urban areas, former mining areas, etc.)

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