Groundwater & Surface Water

Groundwater and surface water are often regarded as isolated water bodies. This misconception causes many serious consequences as miscalculated water balances, incorrect water construction planning, pollution dispersal etc.

In reality, the bodies of surface water and adjacent groundwater are mostly interconnected and are “feeding” (and in some cases also pollute) each other by river bank infiltration or exfiltration. The extent of the  hydraulic interactions and element flows (natural and anthropogenic) is depending on the hydrogeological conditions.

KRIETER WATER & ENVIRONMENT is very experienced in the research of surface and groundwater interactions. Our team of hydrogeologists, chemists and ecologists will measure, calculate and interpretate the quantitative and qualitative interactions of :

1. exploration and exploitation of water resources
2. groundwater recharge from surface waters and vice versa
3. agricultural water demand
4. integrated water resources management
5. landfills, factory site impacts and pollution research
6. dams and reservoirs
7. watershed assessment, protection and restoration of ground- and surface waters
8. wetland and national park management.

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