Company Background

We in KRIETER WATER & ENVIRONMENT Sdn Bhd have 35 years of experience in sustainable groundwater exploration, water chemistry and pollution, surface water investigation, advanced soil science, ecosystem research and environmental protection.

We are the sole distributor for In-Situ Desalination (ISD) technology from Australia.

We are offering exclusively the high-performance “Horizontal Collector Well (HCW) with  Gravel Pack Filter” in Asia & the World.

KRIETER WATER is also now offering ‘UnderGround Dam’ (UGD) using ‘Water Glass’ method, with our construction partner from Holland, Royal Eijkelkamp.

KRIETER WATER also specialize in River Bank Filtration (RBF) method, with numerous successful projects in Malaysia and Asia.

KRIETER WATER & ENVIRONMENT Sdn Bhd is managed by Malaysian Director and International Consultant (Holland, Australia & UK), with international research and consulting experience in Malaysia, India, Philippines, Laos, Australia & all over Europe.

Our team consists of highly qualified International and  Malaysian specialists (Hydro-Geologist, Geo-technical Specialist, Tunneling Expert, Dam Specialist, Soil Expert, Environmentalist, Chemist, Water Engineer).

Our Staff is a Professional Member of :

Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Geological Society of Malaysia

Associated Partners with :



Malim Restu Construction Sdn Bhd

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